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Circular agriculture is becoming increasingly important. Farmers must lower their carbon footprint. Our solutions offer a major reduction of emissions and also lower the operational costs on short term.

Our sustainable solutions explained

Sand and manure separation 

The sand separation system must match your ideas for now and in the future. The Mavasol team maps out your wishes and requirements and gets to work with a proposal. The Mavasol sand separation system is suitable for sand washing and dewatering of sand. Daritech's proven technology is suitable for sustainable sand and manure processing in the agricultural sector. Due to the great savings of reusing sand, a sand recovery installation pays for itself in most cases within 4-5 years. 

Composting manure

The BeddingMaster has been developed by combining age-old composting techniques and the knowledge and experience of Daritech. The BeddingMaster converts cow manure into comfortable and hygienic bedding material. The verified and controlled composting process allows manure to be reused in livestock boxes or as a soil improver in the garden and on the land. Clean and affordable bedding, pleasant for humans and animals. 

Waste management 

Vegetable, fruit and garden waste (VFG), restaurant waste and food leftovers can be excellently processed into compost. Mavasol's Envirodrum composts food waste into a fertile soil improver. Processing waste compared to incineration reduces processing costs and CO2 emissions. The composting machine is ideal for zoos (manure and vegetable waste), horticulture, restaurants and waste processing companies.

Calf feeding

The hygiene when feeding the calves is important. Cleaning the buckets or milk bottles takes a lot of time and hereby money. By optimizing the cleaning process by investing in the Bottle Washer, the machine ensures hygienically clean bottles. In addition, washing with the Bottle Washer takes fewer labor hours and you will have more time for other priorities. 

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Circular agriculture starts today - for a better tomorrow.