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 Advantages of composting manure

  • Comfortable and bacteria-free bedding material
  • Easy to operate
  • Completely remote-controlled
  • Fast payback time
  • Sustainable process
  • Excellent combination with biogas digester

With the BeddingMaster cow manure is composted in a hygienic and scent-free material. The manure can be reused as bedding material or as a soil improver.

The BeddingMaster has been developed by combining age-old compost techniques and the knowledge and experience of Daritech. The BeddingMaster converts cow manure into comfortable and hygienic bedding material. The verified and controlled composting process allows manure to be reused in livestock cubicles. Clean and affordable bedding, pleasant for humans and animals.

The end product is a hygienic, scent-free and dry result

Thanks to the clean end product and thus a reduction of bacteria in the stables, the health of the cow is improved. Our manure composting method is now being used on several farms in Europe. In many of these projects, the BeddingMaster is used in combination with a biogas installation. First of all, nutrients are extracted from the manure and other organic waste products and used to generate electricity. After this, the residual product from the biodigester goes to the BeddingMaster to be composted.


How does it work?

Stop wasting time and money on sawdust and shavings, Daritech has the sustainable solution. Bedding developed for dairy farmers who use recycled manure as bedding.

PHASE 1: Scraped manure, or dehydrated rinse manure, is fed directly into a separator, specially designed by Daritech. The seperator provides the ideal raw material for the BeddingMaster, which consists of solid manure with 36% dry matter. The separated solids are fed into the BeddingMaster through the fixed opening in the feed point. The fixed ends that do not rotate with the drum increase capacity by more than half, resulting in more litter for less money. 

PHASE 2: The great thing about composting solid manure is that the bacteria, which consume the organic material, are already in the solids thanks to the dairy cows.

PHASE 3: Once in the BeddingMaster, the bacteria multiply, completing the work started in the cows' stomachs. A blower draws air through the drum, providing an ample supply of air, which mixes with the solids tumbling through the rotation of the drum. Within hours, the activity of the bacteria has raised the temperature above 65°C (150ºF), where it remains as the material moves through the drum like a plug. During the process, internal temperature, humidity and aeration are monitored to ensure no leachate or odor is produced.

PHASE 4: The hygienic and dry material coming out of the BeddingMaster is odour-free. The material is comfortable for cows.

"Towards a circular economy"

Circular economy is becoming increasingly important. By properly handling raw materials and increasing the efficiency of the processes, the carbon footprint can be significantly reduced while saving money at the same time. The BeddingMaster helps farmers to close the loop in circular agriculture

What does Mavasol offer?

Manure is a valuable product that can be used to earn money in livestock farming. With the BeddingMaster, the manure is efficiently converted into a valuable product for the farmer and a high level of comfort and health for the cows. Mavasol helps dairy farmers to comply with environmental regulations for their manure. Profit is generated by reducing fertilizer processing costs and increasing fertilizer yield.

A certified manure management system


Since 2013, the BeddingMaster has been officially certified and validated. The tests are performed in the context of the European Animal By-Products Regulation and ISO standards (EU 1069/2009 and EU 142/2011). The BeddingMaster also meets the export requirements of France, the NF-U standard. This means that the BeddingMaster process has been carried out correctly within the system and is free of bacteria.


In order to transport or export digestate (composted manure) to France, it must meet the quality requirements of the NF-U standard. Our BeddingMaster is certified according to these quality standards


In a validation study, the killing of micro-organisms in the relevant installation is investigated. In collaboration with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the European NEN, this method has been laid down in a Dutch Technical Agreement (NTA8777) (Explanation). This research is carried out under accreditation. Based on the results of the investigation, requirements for the course of the procedure are established and recorded in a HACCP protocol. It investigates and demonstrates the minimal killing of pathogenic micro-organisms during the fermentation or composting process.

We hebben de 6-20, de 6-32 en de 8-40 versie van de BeddingMaster getest. Uit alle testen bleek dat deze BeddingMasters kunnen voldoen aan de vereiste 5log10 reductie van Enterococcus faecalis zoals vermeld in 142/2011. Bovendien bleek uit periodieke bemonstering van de output van de BeddingMaster dat E. coli voldoet aan de <1.000 CFU/gr (normaal gesproken tonen de resultaten <10 CFU/gr) zoals vermeld in 142/2011. Verder toonden Salmonella-analyses normaal gesproken "Niet aanwezig in 25 gr" zoals vermeld in 142/2011.

BeddingMaster meets demands EVDB

When used correctly and a sufficiently high temperature is reached during composting, pathogenic bacteria (Enterococcus faecalis, E. coli and Salmonella) are sufficiently reduced to meet the requirements of the European Animal By-Products Regulation.

More information?

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