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Sand management

The advantages of sand separation

  • Reduce high sand costs
  • Suitable for a combination with biogas
  • Reuse of sand: circular agriculture
  • Save on CO2 emissions
  • Reduce your ecological footprint
  • Complete system design
  • Personal contact during the entire process
  • Tailor-made system for your location 
  • Certified and reliable systems
  • Service partners and dealers in all parts of the world

Sand as a bedding offers many advantages for the cow. Sand is comfortable, provides grip on the floor and provides an enormous reduction of bacteria which benefits the health of the cow. By filtering the sand from the slurry it can be recycled within a few weeks and at the same time yield an enormous amount of CO2 reduction and cost savings.

Why a sand separation system from Mavasol? 

A sand separation system must match your ideas for now and in the future. The Mavasol team maps out your wishes and requirements and gets to work with a proposal. Mavasol's sandseparation system is suitable for sand washing and dewatering of sand. Daritech's proven technology is suitable for sustainable sand- and manure processing in the agricultural sector. Due to the great savings of reusing sand, a sand recovery installation pays for itself in most cases within 4-5 years.

How a sand separation system works

A sand separation system can be installed both indoors and outdoors on your property. When you use sand as a bedding material, you want to separate the manure and the sand from each other as quickly as possible in order to limit CO2 emissions.

STEP 1: collecting sand and manure from the stables 
The slurry is pushed out of the stables and collected in a manure pit. Recycled water is added. By adding water, the organic material is released from the sand and floats away with the liquids, this takes place in the main pit in which the sandseparation system is also placed.

STEP 2: filtering the coarse sand from the slurry
All Mavasol sand separation installations work from the same principle: the sand goes up via the screw and is dewatered. The filtered and washed sand is dumped clean. The sand that has been deposited can be reused in the stables after three weeks.

STEP 3: filtering the fine sand from the slurry
The remaining mixture goes to the next separation lanes and sediment strips. The fine sand is filtered out of the slurry through the sediment strips and separation lanes. This results in a total sand recovery of up to 98%

STEP 4: reusing the rinse water
The remaining water, which is virtually free of sand, flows into the collection pit, after which it can be recycled. 


Our solutions for sand management

What are the advantages of sand as a bedding material?

Sand as bedding has many advantages for you and your cows. Sand provides comfort, so cows spend more time in the cubicle. Sand provides more grip on the floor, which reduces injuries and this bedding does not support bacterial growth. Sand is also easy to reuse and it is an inexpensive bedding material.

However, sand does cause wear when it ends up in the manure processing equipment. It also takes extra time to fill and manage the stables. When no sand separation system is installed, the manure storage must be emptied regularly, this takes time and is often a lot of work. Sand bedding has been used for more than 30 years and is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the advantages of the innovative machines and systems. By installing a sand separation system, the manure is separated from the sand, so that the sand does not end up in the manure processing machines and therefore prevents wear.

A sand separation system can be built into an existing location. By reusing pumps and existing pits, a large part of the installation and construction costs can be saved. Due to the great savings of recycling sand, a sand separation system pays for itself in most cases within 4-5 years.

6 reasons to use sand as a bedding material

  1. Reduce the sand stock and high purchase costs of sand
  2. Re-use of clean and dry sand 
  3. High re-use percentage of sand (85% till 98%)
  4. Lower your energy consumption
  5. Fully automated and remotely controllable system and flow
  6. Possibilities to combine sand bedding with a biogas installation

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