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Easy bottle feeding

Bottle feeding is a great solution for feeding calves easily and hygienically. But what if there are too many bottles to carry at once? We offer a solution for this, the bottle trolley.

The trolley in which the bottles are filled and transported in an organized manner. It is possible to order a tilting trolley, to make it easier to remove the filled bottles and rinse the trolley. The cart is available in different sizes, ask about the options to find a suitable solution for your situation.

Filling more bottles at the same time

A multi-filler can come in handy when filling a large number of bottles. A bottle trolley in combination with a multi-filler ensures that the bottles are ready to feed the calves in no time. With the multi-filler you can fill 2 to 8 bottles at the same time.

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We also offer the necessary attributes for bottle feeding calves. To make it easy to keep the bottles clean, we offer the Bottle Washer.


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