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Why bottle feeding?

Do you want to bottle feed your calves, because you want to know how much they drink for example? Bottle feeding offers more hygiene, which increases the number of healthy calves and reduces the need for antibiotics. It also fits in well with how a calf naturally drinks from its mother.

What do we offer?

We offer an assortment of useful products to make feeding the calves easy. For example, our calf feeding bottles, which are available in 3 or 4 liters. We also offer holders to place the bottles in. We offer different types of bottle holders, depending on the calves' stay.

We offer three types of matching rubber nipples. The standard black nipple, a red nipple and the revolution nipple. The revolution nipple has been developed to function like a cows teat. It is advisable to replace the nipple after every calf, which is why our nipples are also available separately.

Filling more bottles at the same time

A multi-filler can come in handy when filling a large number of bottles. A bottle trolley in combination with a multi-filler ensures that the bottles are ready to feed the calves in no time. With the multi-filler you can fill 2 to 8 bottles at the same time.

To make bottle feeding even easier, we also offer the Bottle Washer and a Bottle Trolley.


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