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Why use this Bottle Washer?

  • Fast program: the program cleans the complete batch of bottles within 40 minutes
  • Flexible: if you use less than the standard amount of bottles, you can simply close one or more rows
  • Multiple: the innovative design ensures that different sizes of bottles fit in the bottle washer
  • Water saving: the bottle washer has been developed to clean the best as possible with as little water as possible
  • Quality: quality is the most important; always clean and hygienic bottles
  • Compact: due to the narrow design, it fits in every stable and takes up little space

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How does it work?

A lot of effort goes into preparing the milk for calves correctly. Hygiene is an important aspect here. The most common way to feed calves is with a bucket or bottle. The benefits of bottle feeding are being recognized by more and more farmers, it is more hygienic and simulates the natural way of feeding of the mother cow. The bottles must be kept clean, which can quickly take up a lot of time manually. The Mavasol Bottle Washer offers a solution. In the Mavasol Bottle Washer, the bottles and nipples are washed separately. After loading the nipples and bottles, the machine washes everything clean in 40 minutes.

We make the switch easy

You can achieve efficiency with the Bottle Washer in combination with our other products for feeding calves. For example, Mavasol offers necessary attributes like feeding bottles, different types of nipples and bottle holders for the calf hut or igloo. We offer a multi-filler to fill more bottles at the same time and a Bottle Trolley for transporting the bottles. This way, your calves can drink in no time and you can effortlessly switch from buckets to teat bottles.

Keep your calves healthy and give them a good start

Keeping calves healthy and giving them a good start in life is obviously a top priority for dairy farmers. It is therefore very important that a lot of attention is paid to the hygiene of the milk bottles. The newly designed bottle washers now also wash the outside of the bottle, ensuring even better hygiene.

For every situation a custom made solution

The Bottle Washer is available in different models. The smallest variant has space for 30 bottles and the largest up to 200 bottles. With our years of knowledge and experience in the automation of the industry, we aim to provide you with the resources you need to raise your calves as healthily as possible. In addition, together with you, we ensure an efficient and economically responsible way of working.

More information?

Would you like more information about the Bottle Washer and the benefits the system offers for your company? Leave your details with us and our advisor will contact you without obligation.

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