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Why use Piston pumps?

  • Low-maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Sustainable
  • Suitable for pumping manure and sand
  • Suitable for pumping thick manure
  • Suitable for pumping manure up to a distance of 200 meters (including height differences)
  • Dry installed pump (can be positioned next to a pit)

How it works

The piston pump provides a fast and relatively quiet supply of slurry without recoil. The manure enters the pump via the supply pipe. Sensors determine when the pump chamber is full and the manure is pumped out. Together with the flexible material used, friction in the pump chamber is kept to a minimum.

Extremely suitable for manure with sand and for pumping larger quantities over a longer distance.

inf04 piston


piston pump

Part of a larger whole 

In most cases the piston pumps are part of a larger plan, for example a sand separation system. Pumps are an essential part of this separation sytem, as they ensure that the manure and sand mixture is pumped from the first pit to the second. In addition, the pumps must be suited for processing a mixture of sand and manure. Sand causes wear and tear in the machines, so many pumps can't handle this mixture or will break soon. 

The Mavasol pumps are extremely suitable for the mixture of sand and manure and can be installed in all weather conditions. Below you see two examples where the piston pump is part of a sand separation system in Vietnam and Denmark. 

anthony gothard sandseparation  

anthony - boer die koos voor zand  


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