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What makes the One Shot unique?

  • High quality sand separation with minimal equipment
  • After sand separation, the manure is suitable for the biogas installation
  • Very high recycling rate of sand: 85 to 98%
  • Sand can be reused in 2 to 3 weeks
  • The system ensures the recycling of sand, liquids and solids
  • The system contributes to closing the cycle chain
  • The recycling process reduces CO2
  • The end result is clean, dry and scent free sand
  • Sand is the cleanest and most comfortable bedding material at the moment
  • High-quality fiber separation
  • The system is low-maintenance and has minimal energy requirements
  • Complete system is automated with flow control
  • The system is remotely controllable and adjustable
  • The system is suitable for all weather conditions


How it works

A sand separation system can be installed both indoors and outdoors on the site. The One Shot is not limited by heat, cold or other extreme weather conditions. When you use sand as bedding in the stables, you want to separate the manure and sand from each other as quickly as possible to limit CO2 emissions.

Slurry and sand separation
The slurry is pushed out of the stables and collected in a manure pit, recycled water is added to this, creating a mixture that is processed by the One Shot. The drill tube stands in the water, manure and sand mixture which makes that the sand get filtered from the mixture and deposited at the end of the drill tube. The fine sand that is not immediately filtered then passes through a sloping sedimentation lane where further sand separation can take place.

Settlement auger lane
Thereafter the mixture (which is now virtually sand-free) enters the reception pit and is pumped into a separator which yields a sand-free fibre. The remaining water flows into a lagoon from where it is pumped back into the system.

total sand recovery setup 1a orig

total sand recovery setup 1b orig

Sand separation with the One Shot 

Mavasol's unique sand separation system is suitable for separating slurry and sand. The sustainable sand washing system can remove between 85% and 98% of the sand from the slurry. As a result, the sand does not end up in your manure pit and this prevents wear and tear in your equipment and machines. By filtering the sand from the slurry, the sand can be reused within a few weeks, saving purchasing costs and at the same time emitting a significant amount of CO2.

Always a complete overview of the savings and a 3D CAD design in advance 

The One Shot sand separation system is a largely part of Daritech's sand processing systems. In addition to the One Shot, these mainly consist of separators, roller compactors and conveyor systems. Mavasol designs custom solutions for the cost-effective processing of sand and slurry. We make optimal use of existing pits and pumps if this is possible. We always make a design in 3D CAD to show you how the system fits on your property and which permits are required for this. We complete the quotation with a savings overview of the costs, the payback period and the CO2 reduction that the system produces.
one shot 1

Circular agriculture, the circular economy in combination with sand

The Mavasol sand separation system supports farmers in closing the cycle. The circular economy is receiving more and more attention and this requires investments in recycling methods and efficiency improvements. A circular economy in the agricultural sector is about reuse, smarter raw materials, sustainable energy, nature conservation, biodiversity and animal welfare. The Dutch agricultural sector is an example in the field of circular agriculture.

We know the challenges of the market, the regulations and the sustainability requirements in the Netherlands. With our knowledge, certified systems and experience with sustainable sand separation projects, we help you meet the challenges by being more efficient, productive and profitable. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities.
oneshot wirh sand 2 orig

Do you want to know more?

Would you like to discover the possibilities of recycling sand in combination with a biogas installation? Our sand separation systems are built specifically for your location. We take into account the sustainability requirements, building permits and current pits and pumps that can be reused. Leave your details and we will contact you. 

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