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Why the GreenLine 250 series?

  • Full pipe diameter entrance for minimum turbulence and maximum efficiency
  • The impeller is designed to reduce turbulence, eliminate recirculation, lower radial and thrust
    load, and provide a smooth flow of fluids
  • The concentric housing is 35% thicker for extra strength and extended service life and
    reduces the radial load of the bearings
  • An anti-loosening impeller lock bolt to eliminate pump damage in case of reversed polarity
    motor hook-up
  • Every GreenLine pump or pump package is fully tested before shipment

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The GreenLine 250 Pump brings together a level of quality, durability and efficiency to the industry. DariTech has designed the GreenLine 250 pump line for a wide range of applications. Built with heavy duty components, our GreenLine pumps are built to last!

Manufactured in the USA

The GreenLine pumps follow in the DariTech tradition of bringing value to dairies throughout the world by providing long wearing, highly efficient solutions to the many challenges that manure handling presents. Our pump line offers a broad selection of innovative features for demanding dairy applications. With the ability to configure our pumps for a wide range of flow rates, and different manure consistencies, we can handle manure pumping requirements of any operation.

From impellers designed for low turbulence and high wear, to heavy duty shaft bearing assemblies, GreenLine pumps are built to last. With experience in numerous applications of GreenLine pumps, going back to 1995, we continue to bring innovative solutions and continued improvement to dairy operations. You can be sure we will always be looking to the future, keeping up with the growing demands of dairying worldwide.

Which GreenLine 250 pump suits me?

GreenLine 250 ST - Standard
Used for general purpose pumping applications up through thick manure, but does not have non-clog
spacing like the slurry feed pump. Tight tolerance pump for high efficiency pumping with moderate chopping.

GreenLine 250 SF - Slurry Feed
Non-clog pump designed for transferring thick manure or for feeding a separator. Pump uses 1” spacer between impeller and wear pad. No chopping with this pump. Lower efficiency pump to create non-clog application.

GreenLine 250 HE - High Efficiency
Pump designed specifically for use on diesel drive pumps. Delivers a higher pressure curve at lower RPM.

GreenLine 250 FF - Flush Floater
High volume, low RPM pump design. Used primarily for flush and flume operations. Extended shaft and
housing allow pump to operate below frozen lagoon surface. Delivers slightly reduced performance than 250
standard pump curve.

GreenLine 250 PF - Pressure Floater
High pressure, high RPM floater pump used for direct feed to field application equipment such as big guns or pivots. This pump delivers the same curves as 250 ST.

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More information?

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