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Mogens Hjort
Mogens Hjort


By the end of 2016, the Daritech Sand Recovery System was in operation by dairy farmer Mogens Hjort Jensen (Bakkegården te Grenå). A dream comes true, according to the dairy farmer. With this sand separator it’s possible to make slurry free of sand so it’s suitable for the biogas plant and to recycle sand. It’s impressive to see how the Sand Recovery System process works and how easy to manage it is.

The system creates useful products from the homogeneous slurry, including thin fraction, slurry fiber and clean sand. Mogens Hjort Jensen has been fascinated and interested for years in the underlying theory of the sand separator. He has several ideas about the optimal installation. While he was on a study trip, organized by Construction and Engineering, a number of ideas did arise.

The installation, which began operating November 2016, is not the first one on Bakkegården. Daritech’s Sand Recovery System from the Dutch firm Mavasol meets the wishes of Mogens Hjort Jensen the best.

Resource usage
Mogens Hjort indicates that he can deliver slurry to the future biogas installation of Grenå by separating the sand because not all the biogas installations are enthusiastic about raw slurry with a lot of sand in it. It builds up in the system and can get stuck in the tanks and pipes.
The Sand Recovery System of Mavasol will empower us to recycle the sand and use the clean sand for bedding. An important aspect besides the slurry is useful for the biogas installations’, says Mogens Hjort Jensen.
The value for the green market
The One Shot in combination with the DTX separator, which is part of the system, offers a lot of advantages. It’s separating slurry in thick and thin fraction. The thin fraction is excellent suitable for the slurry injector irrigation on the fields and the farm

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