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Sjoerd van der Helm in Zuidschermer, The Netherlands
Sjoerd van der Helm in Zuidschermer, The Netherlands

Sjoerd van der Helm in Zuidschermer, The Netherlands
"Cow feels comfortable in material from Beddingmaster"

Sjoerd van der Helm of H.K Holsteins started using a Beddingmaster in the summer of 2019; he is very satisfied with the box material. "The cows stand and lie smoothly, stay nice and clean and the cell count is under control."

H.K Holsteins is a collaboration between the Kregel and Van der Helm families in Zuidschermer.
At the end of 2019, the company was milking around 280 cows in a barn with 6 milking robots. Last year the stable was extended by sixty meters to more than 100 meters in total.

The existing stable has been renovated; water beds gave way to deep litter boxes.
Van der Helm says that a bedding master was deliberately chosen for the filling of the boxes. "The fresh manure comes from the stable in a collection tank on top of the bedmaster. From there the manure goes through a separator, after which the thin fraction goes back under the shed.

The thick fraction is first hygienized to 70 ° Celsius in a drum that is part of the Beddingmaster installation. After approximately 24 hours in the drum, a product of at least 40 percent dry matter comes out; we use this in the boxes.

The product is nicely loose and divides nicely into the cubicles; the cows are comfortable and happy. We really notice that the fresh cows get up faster than before. "

Top up every two weeks
Van der Helm or one of his colleagues at the company refills the boxes every two weeks. "That way we can create and maintain a nice sunbed. The cows are tilted up a little, which also makes getting up easier. Previously at the waterbeds we often saw fresh cows rise doubtfully. In the deep litter boxel with this bed, that is a thing of the past. "

The installation works completely electrically. "The pumping and separation is all set. This is automatic and does not cost us extra time and work, "explains Van der Helm.

The Beddingmaster at the farm has a capacity of 350 cows. The same number as the extensive stable of sun beds has. "In the coming years we will continue to make full and optimum use of the barn and this installation."
The project:
Climate-neutral dairy farming with healthy animals and soil
Commissioned by H.K. Holstein Zuid Schermer Mavasol has installed the Beddingmaster.

The project "climate-neutral dairy farming with healthy animals and soil" is made possible in part by a contribution from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development "Europe invests in its Countryside" and the Province of Holland.

​A unique project with this sustainable, dynamic and modern company.

A realization with appreciation for energy, innovative power and entrepreneurship, making the Dutch agricultural sector the world leader.

​When planning for its new shed for, the company has also looked into alternatives to the litter that it used until then. The cows had to lie soft and comfortable and the udders had to stay dry in order to keep the germ count as low as possible.

The BeddingMaster soon came into the picture, in view of the positive experience of combining with a durable, closed floor, milk robots, digester and more space per cow in the barn.

​The new barn was put into use with a BeddingMaster. The day-fresh manure is first processed in a digester installation where fermentation of the slurry takes place, after which it is produced via the continuously running BeddingMaster with which litter is produced with approximately. 41% dry matter.

The material stays in the BeddingMaster for 24- 48 hours. In an oxygen-free environment, 90% of the bacteria are killed off at 60 to 70 ºC.

​Enough material for all cubicles on the farm. "The bacterial research indicates that the product is safe, and that is reflected in a low cell count"

The thin fraction is very suitable for grassland fertilization: It is liquid and easy to process. The nutrients become available quickly and the sod is not contaminated after application.

All arguments that, in addition to the economic benefits, argue for the BeddingMaster, with a short payback time.

In addition, he creates a better market, because the manure is drier and hygienized, so a wider market is possible.

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