Mavasol and Daritech: Specialists and partners in manure and slurry processing

"By separating manure you can increase the value."

"I make my own recycled green bedding."

Mavasol presents the unique
Sand Recovery System.


Specialists in Manure and slurry processing.

Manure and slurry processing is the main activity of Mavasol,
preferred distributor of Daritech outside North America. From a
strongly solution focused and innovative thought we bring you
customized solutions at all possible settings.


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Manure and slurry processing: Our products



By separating manure you can increase the value.



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The Daritech BeddingMaster digests manure within 24 hours to pasteurized bedding or compost


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Roller Press

The Roller Press presses redundant fluid out of the manure fraction after being separated


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Project impressions

De Beddingmaster in action

Decanter , DT360 and Roller Press

Sand Canon at work

DTX with Roller Press

Mavasol Specialist in Manure and slurry processing:


 Delivers and assembles manure and slurry handling systems 

 Most efficient system in re-use of sand in sandbedding

Advises on processing and manure and slurry systems

Processing of manure and slurry into bedding and more added value

 To realise the most profitable application

Environmently conscious processing of manure and slurry


Manure and slurry processing by Mavasol

Manure and slurry separators

In response to the dairy industry's demand for a reliable, self-cleaning manure and slurry separator at a reasonable price, Daritech developed the concept of an internally fed rotary screen with an external spray bar.


We are pleased and proud to introduce our rotary style manure separator. 

  • Low Energy costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Screen adjustable
  • Easy handling
  • Self Regulating Process

One shot sand separators

Daritech provides the most complete line of sand separation and process equipment in the industry.

We strive to provide economical equipment with high efficiency and low maintenance.

Along with our choice of separators and augers, we offer our DT360
or DT X separators with our unique hybrid screen.  The DT360 provides high quality process water and high fiber capture, giving the dairymen clean sand, clean fiber, and clean lagoons.

You may like to consider the following key points about the DariTech
One Shot Sand Recovery System , SRS :

  • Installations are entirely bespoke and can be adapted to
    exisiting farm infrastructure
  • Over 95% clean sand recovery is possible, but systems are not
    only about re-using sand
  • Systems can be designed with zero fresh water requirement

and for a range of manure handling situations.

Heavy duty pumps


We also offer a full line of GreenLine pumps to complement our Sand Recovery System, providing excellent value with heavy duty, high wear resistance for pumping recycled water and sand laden manure.

In addition, we provide process control systems to meet the varied needs of system designs.


Save Bedding material

By combining the age old science of composting with the knowledge and wherewithal of DariTech, dairies will be able to say goodbye to  awdust and shavings, and hello to recycled manure as bedding for their cows.

Not only that, but they will be able to do so at a cost far lower than has been previously available in systems utilizing similar science.


Here’s how it works: 
Scraped manure/ slurry, or dewatered flush manure, is fed directly into and screw press Separator specially designed by Daritech to provide the ideal feedstock for the BeddingMaster, which is made up of manure solids at 35% dry matter.
The separated solids are fed into the BeddingMaster by passing through the fixed opening in the entry end. DariTech's stationary ends that do not rotate with the drum increase throughput by over  0%, resulting in more bedding for less money.

This is an idea we can all get behind.
The beauty of composting manure solids is that the aerobic bacteria which consume the organic matter are already in the solids, courtesy of the dairies’ cows. Once inside the BeddingMaster, the bugs proliferate as they finish the job begun in the cows’ stomachs.


A blower pulls air through the drum, ensuring an ample air supply, which mixes with the solids that are tumbling from the rotation of the drum. Within just a few hours, the activity of the bacteria has brought the temperature to over 150°F (65°C) where it stays as the material moves through the drum like a plug.



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