New: Mavasol Leasing

Leasing of Mavasol systems

We know better than anyone that an investment in our systems needs the right financing. The investment earns itself back within a reasonable period of time, but of course the money has to be available.

A vicious circle that we encounter more and more often while we are dealing with companies that are interested in our systems. After all your company depends on varying demand and seasonal influences.

And your liquidity varies with it. We have spoken with various leasing parties and have found a good partner. Naturally our partner offers a customized proposal: just as Mavasol offers you a custom-designed system. A suitable solution for you as our customer: now you can not only invest in the product you are looking for, but also keep you financial leeway for doing business.

For more information please contact us or visit our lease page.

We gladly tell you more about it.