Sand Recovery Systems: 

separating slurry and sand with minimal effort

Mavasol introduces the most complete line of sand laden manure separation and process equipment in the industry by Daritech. We continue to strive to provide economical equipment with high efficiency and low maintenance for sand bedding recovery.

The SRSystem is based on our innovative manure sand separators, offering revolutionary split dewatering flight, sand scoop and fixed flight augers.

Along with our choice of manure separators and augers, we offer our DT360 manure separators with our unique Hybrid screen. The DT360 provides high quality process water and high fiber capture, giving the dairymen clean sand bedding material, clean fiber, and clean lagoons.

We also offer a full line of GreenLine pumps to complement our Sand Recovery System, providing excellent value with heavy duty, high wear resistance for pumping recycled water and sand laden manure. In addition, we provide process control systems to meet the varied needs of system designs.

Come and see

Impressed? Why don’t you come and see our systems at work? A tour on a farm often gives a better picture than the best sales story. In the UK, the first two SRS systems will soon be operational in the Somerset area. That is why we organize open days at the start of mid-June and two different farms.

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