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Daritech Sand Cannon

Daritech Sand Cannon

DariTech provides the most complete line of sand separation and process equipment in the industry. We strive to provide economical equipment with high efficiency and low maintenance.


Clean sand and clean lagoons

Along with our choice of separators and augers, we offer our DT360 separators with our unique hybrid screen. The DT360provides high quality process water and high fiber capture, giving the dairymen clean sand, clean fiber, and clean lagoons. 


Add pumps

We also offer a full line of GreenLine pumps to complement our Sand Recovery System, providing excellent value with heavy duty, high wear resistance for pumping recycled water and sand laden manure. 

In addition, we provide process control systems to meet the varied needs of system designs.


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Possibilities Daritech Sand Canon
Check all the Separator possibilities in the tables below.  U can find the Sand Cannon in the column "USE"


You can find all the possibilities of Mavasol here.


SeparationCowsBeddingScrew Press
PigsDistribution/StorageDTX / DT360 / Screw Press / Roller Press
DigestateDistribution/StorageDTX / DT360 / Screw Press / Roller Press
Manure/SandDistribution/StorageSand Cannon / One Shot
OtherDistribution MineralsCentrifuge
Re-useDTX / DT360 / Screw Press / Roller Press
Distribution/StorageCentrifuge/ DTX / DT360 / Screw Press / Roller Press



BeddingManureFlushDT 360 / Roller Press
Slatted FloorScrew Press
DTX / Roller Press
ScrapeScrew Press
DTX / Roller Press
Hygienic BeddingBeddingmaster
SandFlushOne Shot
DT 360 / Roller Press
DTX / Roller Press
ScrapeSand Cannon
DT 360 / Roller Press
DTX / Roller Press


Mavasol Specialist in Manure processing:


 Delivers and assembles manure handling systems 

Realization of a hygienic export worthy fertilizer or final product

Advises on processing and manure systems

Processing of manure into bedding and more added value

 To realise the most profitable application

Environmently conscious processing of manure




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